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IFBF 2016 News

We had a great meeting! 

The IFBF 2016 was held from 7th - 9th June in Karlsruhe, Germany.

The seventh International Flow Battery Forum in Karlsruhe, Germany, brought together 222 delegates from 24 countries who were interested in the research, development, commercialisation and deployment of flow batteries.  More than 120 industrial companies, research and development institutions, universities and colleges were represented at the conference.   



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The first day of this years conference was for manufacturers, developers, users and investors to address the specific issues relating to the market opportunities for flow batteries and long duration energy storage in the increasingly competitive energy storage market place.  While we heard of the great advances mad by some other battery chemistries, there is still plenty of optimism in the role that flow batteries can play in the future electricity system.


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In the evening, we visited Fraunhofer ICT to see the construction of their large scale flow battery and visit their research and development laboratories.

Picture below: The electrolyte storage tanks for the Fraunhofer flow battery system.

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The conference covered the important topics of the regulatory, legal and commercial aspects of energy storage in general and flow batteries in particular, as well as reviewing case studies of flow battery projects, materials and manufacturing, improvements in performance and the latest concepts.  With 30 technical presentations and 30 posters on display delegates had many things to discuss - aided by many networking opportunities and a fine dinner at the Scheibenhardt Hof at which Gary Yang of UET gave an introductory address.

We would like to thank Fraunhofer ICT for hosting our industry visit and all our sponsors.


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The presentation material will be available to purchase at the end of August which contains a mini paper for each presentation and poster.

See you in 2017.

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IFBF 2016 Conference Programme

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