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IFBF 2017 27-29 June Manchester, England




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 General Information


The eighth International Flow Battery Forum was held in Manchester, England from 27 - 29 June and was attended by 212 delegates interested in research, development, commercialisation and deployment of flow batteries.

The programme included presentations by representatives of redT, Sumitomo Electric Industries, PVH Storage, UniEnergy Technologies, Glex energy storage (formerly Gildemeister energy storage), Trumpf Huttinger, WhEST, Kemwatt, Volterion, IBM   Research, Lockheed Martin, Rongke Power, Showa Denko, Elestor and IFB Energie Nouvelles. Dr Jonathan Buston of the Health and Safety Laboratory also on battery safety.

Delegates heard expert opinion on the market and commercialisation of flow batteries in a panel session on the prospects for the flow battery industry and longer duration energy storage, and a separate panel session covered the supply chain issues for materials and components for flow batteries.


For reference, the Conference Programme page is still available.

Monday 26th June 2017

Introductory Seminar: Separate registration required 

Tuesday 27th June 2017 Conference Day 1

Evening: Networking reception sponsored by Oxkem

Wednesday 28th June 2017 - Conference Day 2   

Evening: IFBF Dinner at the Museum of Science & Industry, Manchester, sponsored by UniEnergy Technologies (UET)

Thursday 29th June 2017 - Conference Day 3 

Evening: Industrial visit to visit Hyde's Brewery, sponsored by Vanitec.  Limited places available.  

Friday 30th June 2017 

Delegates of the IFBF and other guests took part in the 2nd Vanitec Energy Storage Committee (ESC) meeting


The IFBF 2017 programme included 3 keynote presentations:

Maria Skyllas-Kazacos gave the key note presentation to introduce our conference.  Professor Skyllas-Kazacos, of the University of New South Wales is well known for her pioneering work in the development of vanadium flow battery and her work has led to

much of todays exciting developments.

Professor Michael Aziz, of Harvard University has researched many exciting and novel

types of flow batteries.  He is well known for his expert knowledge of energy systems and his insight into the important links between innovation and commercial development.

Huamin Zhang has led the research team at the Dalian Institution of Chemical Physics in its work on flow batteries, Professor Zhang has been instrumental in the design and development of vanadium, zinc and other flow batteries.

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2017 Organising committee:

Honorary Chairman:  Professor Maria Skyllas-Kazacos AM

Members:                  Bret Adams

                                  Veronique Amstutz

                                  Thomas Beyer

                                  Peter Fischer

                                  Robert Lynch

                                  Jens Noack

                                  Christina Roth      

                                  Christian Ruediger                                   

                                  Frieda Schieber

                                  Ian Whyte

                                  Huamin Zhang     

                                  Susanne Zils                                                                                                                                              

Industry Advisory Group:

                                 Aaron Blum

                                 Adam Whitehead

                                 Bruce Ebzery

                                 Scott McGregor

                                 Rick Winter

                                 Gary Yang   


Secretary:                 Anthony Price 


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