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IFBF 2011 Edinburgh                 Programme         Purchase Papers

IFBF 2011 was held in Edinburgh, Scotland. 130 Delegates enjoyed two days of conference presentations, discussions, networking, poster displays and the ever popular IFBF reception and dinner.

Our sponsor SGL Carbon invited a small number of delegates to visit their carbon fibre factory at Muir of Ord, near Inverness on Friday 6th May. 

Copies of the mini papers can be purchased here.


Delegates enjoying the reception and dinner


Ruska Kelevska


Redflow demonstration


IFBF 2011: Purchase Papers


Each conference paper presented at the 2011 Forum is recorded as a two page extended abstract. These have been collated and printed in colour and represent a source of up to date information on the worldwide flow battery industry. These may be purchased as a printed document. In addition, presentation materials used at the Forum are available as a digital download, which also includes an electronic version of the extended abstracts.

To purchase please select either printed Conference Papers or digital download of the papers and conference presentations, payment will be taken via PayPal.

Available in printed version delivered to Europe, the rest of the world
and also digital download.

2011 Printed Conference Papers

2011 Printed Conference Papers
posted to countries in Europe

£30 GBP / €37 EURO

Includes postage to European countries.

2011 Printed Conference Papers

2011 Printed Conference Papers
posted to countries outside of Europe

£35 GBP / €44 EURO

Includes postage to the rest of the world.

2011 Presentations & Conference Papers/extended abstracts

Digital Download of
2011 Presentations & Conference Papers
/extended abstracts

£125 GBP / €158 EURO

Downloaded as a single ZIP file containing
28 presentation documents and 1 abstracts
document in PDF format.

Contact IFBF for this purchase

Secure Online Payments
Please note that Amex cards require an existing PayPal account.
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