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Workshop Agreement for Flow Batteries (updated Sept. 2015)

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Standards for flow batteries

The organising committee for the first IFBF identified the need to develop standards to support the growing flow battery industry, and following successful discussions at the following year’s meeting it was agreed to develop a Workshop Agreement to cover the flow battery industry. Working with the staff of CENELEC we were able to form the CENELEC Workshop on Flow Batteries (CLC WS 5) in November 2011 with the intention to develop a CWA 'Flow batteries – Guidance on the specification, installation and operation.'. A number of companies participated in the Workshop, and were supported by a several of individuals with a keen interest in the topic. The Osterriechischer Verband fur Elektrotechnik (OVE) provided the Secretariat, and the Chairman was provided by Swanbarton Limited. The Workshop ran from November 2011 and the CWA was published in April 2013

CWA 50611: Flow batteries - Guidance on the specification, installation and operation is available through CENELEC national members or from OVE - please follow this link.

Note that the CWA is a published document and must be purchased through OVE.  The IFBF is unable to supply copies.

This document may be used by industry pending the development of full standards published by national or international standardisation bodies.  Many members of the CENELEC workshop are now also participants in the IEC TC 21  / TC 10 Joint Working Group on Flow batteries.  This working group is developing a new standard on flow batteries.  More information is available through the IEC website.  Individuals or companies wishing to participate in this process should contact their national standardisation body.  A plenary session of the Joint working group was held in February 2016 in Japan.

There will be a meeting of the Joint Working Group in Karlsruhe on Monday 6 June - immediately prior to the IFBF.  This meeting is only open to members of the JWG.  If you wish to join the JWG, you should contact your national committee for standards for further information.  The IFBF encourages all those in the industry to take an active interest in the development of standards, not only for flow batteries, but also for other standards relating to all forms of electrical energy storage.

Those interested in standards for large scale energy storage should also be aware of the IEC TC120 on Electrical Energy Storage Systems.  

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